Professional Work
The Dragon 2 spacecraft will carry the first American astronauts from American soil to the International Space Station since the days of the Space Shuttle. I worked with the astronauts to engineer the interface that would let them pilot the spacecraft.
Picture hundreds of thousands of pieces of debris orbiting around the earth at 20,000 miles per hour. LeoLabs uses radar arrays in Texas and northern Alaska to track this debris in order to avoid catastrophic impacts like the infamous Iridium collision. As their first hire, I worked on everything orbit determination to 3d visualizations.
Stanford's largest project-based engineering group has published papers and set world records. As the Lead Mission Control Developer I built tools on a technical level; as Co-president I've been responsible for managing over 200 members.
POWr Plugins creates tools to build beautiful websites for nearly 2.5 million users across dozens of sitebuilders like Wix and Wordpress. Employee #4, I worked there as a fullstack developer from June 2014 through December 2015, reporting directly to the CTO.
I programmed for the Kansas Children's Mercy Hospital for a year and a half between January 2014 and June 2015. Because the interior layout for the hospital is extremely confusing and the maps inadequate, I developed a mapping app that provides guided directions to anywhere within the hospital.
Carrotmob, later known as The Spring focused on harnessing the power of consumers to fight climate change, encourage sustainability, and otherwise help the community. I interned there from January 2013 through January 2014, learning valuable skills on the job.